Art Director / Copywriter

belVita Breakfast bites

belVita Breakfast bites are bite-size breakfast biscuits that give you 4 hours of steady energy.

The TV campaign centers around the small victories you have in the morning and drives to the hashtag #MorningWin.

We created 15 different interactive experiences that we customized and sent to fans when they tweeted #MorningWin. Each site lasted only 4 hours, the same as belVita itself. 

AD/CW: Molly Jamison
AD/CW: Eric Dennis
Production Company: Resn

One site let you blow dry a bunch of adorable dogs. 

Another site gave fans the gift of an endless high five tunnel. 

Another site let you shave a series of men's faces. 

Another site let you twirl a ribbon to impress a panel of cat judges. 

Another site let you bend into truly impossible yoga positions. 

Another site let you wave to a bunch of sad commuters to make them happy. 

Another site let you pull treasures out of a well. You get to keep them, if you can keep the kleptomaniac eagle away. 

Another site made your cursor a full coffee cup. Your task was to stay away from the under-caffeinated mob. 

Another site let you flick a complete breakfast onto a hat. If you caught enough objects, you got a raging flute solo.

Another site challenged users to sneak out of a boring meeting. Without the boss seeing them. 

Another site let users move the clouds to melt an adorable creature out of the ice. 

Another site let users draw clouds with a magical iron. 

Another site let you catch all the items you need for the day in your purse. 

Another site let you pass out your business card to potential colleagues.